An Invitation to My Newest Gallery on Fire Island

An Invitation to My Newest Gallery on Fire Island

What you see here now is the art of a lifetime on Fire Island.

The art of one man and a variety of his aspects... Wood sculpture and silver jewelry, photography and a variety of local artifacts. Also included are the things he has collected along the way... Some he will sell... but all he will share. His work is unique and says something about... He the maker and you the wearer. It connects you to things you love, people you care about, and events that are important.

Kenny has been an artist on Fire Island since the late 60’s. His story is funny and exciting. And very much a Fire Island love story. It’s about a man who got to be what he wanted to be.

Feel free to stop into his shop, look around, and “schmooze” with the artist. His work brings a smile to the faces of those as they proudly wear their “Kenny’s” taking them back to a special place. 


In the off season his work is available at 

Email for inquiries

Ocean Bay Park


 Venmo @Kenny_Goodman_Silver    Zelle 917-353-8813

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